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12th-Dec-2012 11:11 pm - Friends Only
Crazy Jayne

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23rd-Dec-2007 09:50 pm(no subject)
mule zorro
I spent the day being a bum, doing laundry, and playing/teaching the puppy manners.

It's so lovely not to have a list as long as my arm of things to do. I didnt go out to the barn today because it was raining pretty much all day. Jude should be happy, the snow took a hit because of all the rain. hopefully it's warmish tomorrow and more melts.

I convinced my sister and her family to go out riding when they come out next weekend. I get to take the double, my niece(aka ride with her on one of the big boys). My dad is coming out and my mom is staying with the baby. My sister thinks that my niece will not want to go but i'm sure that we'll be able to convince her. it is our job after all...

I wish that I could stay and take back Zorro from Tommy. I'll admit it, I'm jealous that he gets to ride every day and I'm stuck at school that I have little to no interest in. I love my friends at school, but in comparison to my love for Zorro...Let's just say that if I had to choose between them the one with the longest ears would win. That and I'm not thrilled with what I've heard and what I've seen. Sabine says he is flighty and temperamental, and Lyn said that when she was smooching him a few weeks ago Tommy came up to him and he threw up his head and went all spooky, that's what he was like when I first started working with him. When i left you could do jumping jacks around his but and he would have gone to sleep. I miss my baby boy so much, it's hard to come back and see him like this.

It's kind of a bitchy thing to say, but I wish Tommy would get fired. and I'm not alone in that. His mother isnt too thrilled with him. Knowing my work though...unless he does something really bad he's not going anywhere. we're too strapped for work and it's not like he's bad with the mules...he's just not good with them. It's not even just my boy. None of them are all that thrilled with him. of course, from the sound of it the two new female guides are worse, and Sabine has mentioned going on the war path about them after the holidays. I cant say I would mind coming home next summer and being understaffed with just Carl, Lyn, Sabine, and myself. we made it all last summer like that. maybe one more preson would be alright, so that Carl would have an extra hand for the 45s....since Lyn, Sabine, and me took out all the two hours. Tommy could even stay if he gave me back my boy.

as far as the pup goes....he's actually pretty good for me, but for the parents he's a naughty puppy. he and I were home alone most of today and the worst thing he did was hop a baby gate. he does that no problem, I would love to get him into agility or flyball this summer, he can jump anything. His newest trick is to get up on the kitchen counter to get the cat food. not just the front feet...all of him. and he's a quiet s.o.b. he made it up there with my mom and I in the room with our backs to him without us noticing. I took him for a few walks today to work on loose leash walking and he was SO good for me! he pulled once or twice then settled into a lovely heal. really for an 8 month old puppy he is exceedingly good. We are even learning to leave the cats alone!

I played ball with him for almost an hour tonight and wore the poor thing out. at one point he came back, dropped down and put his head on his ball that he had just dropped (on command. oh yeah, that's going well too) and closed his eyes and sighed. He's such a cutie. there's some pictures under the cut

Puck!Collapse )
I've been shopping...with no intent of buying, but if I did have the money I'd have my boy in an instant and then i'd buy this one: http://www.bundysburgbuckskins.com/GRACE.html
25th-Jul-2006 10:06 am(no subject)
mule zorro
wow. It has been a few days since I updated. alright, this is going to have to be in segments.

I got a new cell phone. my plan doesnt run out until next month, so I've had to switch numbers. so...for all you guys who have my old cell phone number call that with pen in hand to listen to the voice mail (phone is off and will go right there) to get the new number. if any of you want my new number and didnt have my old one feel free to e-mail or message me here to ask me for it, i'm not going to put it on-line even behind a "friends only" post. the new phone is really cool. it has V-cast, which means i can kindof use it as an mp3 player. I need to run over to the Verizon store today to get the USB connector cable so that i can put my music on it.

Truth or dare is now birthday traditon. we played on my birthday, we played last night on Glen's birthday. I got shanghighed into working yesterday by my manager and got off work at 8 pm. after i got off and changed I went over to Glens and we played dirty minds for a while but it made Glen angry because he cant get his mind out of the gutter. him and taylor both. Paul and I are surprisingly talented at puting the dirty part of our mind on hold. until you say the phrase "my balls are shiny" around paul, at which point he cracks up. after truth or dare we all got into a pillow fight, made more interesting by the fact that it was pitch dark and that Paul's sword/cane was floating around somewhere.

Kyia is such a good sweet little girl. She's now in the big pasture with two other horses, the QHs we have at our barn. the yearling is already 15.0 and the three year old is 15.3. then there's kyia t six years old standing 15.0. oh well, she's tiny but pretty. I'm making a flyer for her today with pictures and stuff that I can put up around town at tack shops and what not. I dont wnat to sell her...I dont know what she'll do with another person, i'm the only one who's worked with her since she was two besides the random person i threw on her back to give a short lesson to.

Drew just called me and i'm going in tomorrow for a little while to work with him. I love working with Drew, he's so laid back and easy to get along with. tomorrow is all over time since i'm going to be way over 40 hours this week, and I dont need to stay the entire time because Suan is coming in and floating so there will be three people there by time cleaning rolls around. i might be able to just walk dogs and get out of there by time cleaning comes. and I'll be able to take Griffen in with me. suposivly they're already pretty darn empty. week days are wonderous, there is hardly any one there. any one meaning dogs. for all the guys at work i'm taking pictures of their dogs and setting it as thier pictures, that way when they call me i get to see their puppies! Drew laughed so hard when he saw Batchia come up on my phone. I want eric to come in so that i can take a picture of mis Violet.

well...i need to clean now, my room is a total mess. gah! that's what happens when you work way too much and go out at night every nigh. bah! i dont want to clean!
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